Kubikoo [Android]

Kubikoo ! Challenge your brain !

  • Current version : 1.0.2

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Simple rules, but not that simple game !

Challenge your brain !

Train yourself in classic mode with simple colored squares.
Easy ? try the draw mode, and the complex draw mode.
If those levels are still piece of cake for you, challenge yourself with the “master” mode.

How to play :

Move the squares along lines and columns to get the original pattern back.

In “classic” mode, you just have to make big squares, just like that famous game base on a cube.
In “draw”, “complex draw” and “master”
modes, you must fit the drawing.

“master” mode has one more difficulty. You must play with colors and with shapes within the squares.

They said about Kubikoo :

“Kubikoo Is Really Cool” appadvice.com

“the puzzle game is a good figure” appgefahren.de (german)

“Déplacez les carrés de couleur pour essayer de reconstituer le modèle original dans ce casse-tête de qualité sur iPad.” ipadou.com (french)

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